Bringing the Outdoors In.

Bringing the Outdoors In.

If I had to write a line item in "How to Survive a Pandemic"; my contribution would be "support local." That's it. 

Since late winter, small businesses have saved us. Local farms, restaurants, gardening suppliers, composting specialists, furniture makers. It's a symbiotic relationship we rely on for survival.

You might remember the overhaul of our garden beds and use of reclaimed lumber from a local deconstruction company. The leftover scraps were built into an amazing potting bench/bar/storage by a local woodcrafter. (This same crafter just built an amazing TV console stand for our bedroom!)

Fast forward to the end of gardening season and I knew I would need more greenery around this winter (2020 and all that). I'd always thought about installing shelving over our kitchen windows (the most light the house gets) and wondered how we would pull it off. A few phone calls and texts to Urban Miners, amazing handmade hardware from Etsy and we did it!

Instant warmth and feeling of comfort; I'm so pleased that this will be my view for the next few (dark) months. And, if you are interested in supporting the local businesses we reference; send us a message below!

Stay Well.





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