Easy Herbal Drying.

Easy Herbal Drying.

Harvest Time is Almost Here! What to do with that bounty of herbal goodness? If you had a stellar growing year (I'm jealous) or were gifted with more basil than you could possibly eat; try this!

We have space constraints in our home; but this tying and drying method works well for us. 

Before drying; don't forget these steps...

  • Inspect. Avoid diseased, bitten or unhealthy looking herbs. Don't overlook underneath the leaves.
  • Wash. Very gently use a natural soap (or not). Some herbs can handle a quick dunk in white vinegar diluted with water.
  • Dry. Gently dry with a cotton or paper towel. Separate the leaves as much as possible to make sure excess moisture is absorbed.
  • Tie. Keep in mind your herbs will shrink with drying; so tie them a little tighter with string or cotton yarn.
  • Hang. Suspend small bunches of herbs upside down in a dry place with good air circulation. Experts say hanging upside down best preserves the essential oils and flavor.

Enjoy your bounty!

Be Well.


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