Fall + Winter Herbal Essentials.

Fall + Winter Herbal Essentials.

Sniffles, sore throats and coughs have become the norm in our house over the last few weeks. It's a tricky time transitioning from late summer to fall; and our immune systems need time to adjust.

Most herbs are easily accessible at your local health food store or online (we love Mountain Rose Herbs). Better yet, see what you can purchase from a local farmer or gardener! 

The first recipe is one of my "how much does that cost???" sheer desperation recipes. I'm a huge fan of Sambucus Nigra and it's medicinal properties. It was just more cost effective to make our own. I make it a few times a year on a lazy Sunday afternoon...


Horehound Syrup

(Adapted from Mellow Valley Herbs)

1/2 cup horehound (flowering tops)

2 cups water

2 cups local raw honey 

Gently simmer water and herb covered for about 15 minutes (do not boil). Strain off the herb and add honey until dissolved.

Cool the mixture, label with date and refrigerate. Use within a month.

Be Well.






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