Herbal Smoke Pouches

Herbal Smoke Pouches

Herbal Smoke Pouches take a few minutes to make with inexpensive household materials. There are tons of herbs popping up now, and this is a great way to use your herbal scraps (stalks too). I'm particular about the grade of leaves we use in our teas and spices, so a few don't make the final cut. 

Grab some herbs (dried well), scissors, string and heavy paper (great way to use paper bags too). Did you know mint is an effective bug repellent? We used countless of these pouches last year with whatever herbs were ready. Mugwort, mint, sage, rosemary, plantain are great options.

Herbal Smoke Pouches

  • Heavy Paper (paper bags are great)
  • Scissors
  • Culinary String
  • Herbs

Cut your paper bag bottom out, you'll need at least a 6"x6" square. Place a good handful of herbs in center of bag.

 Start folding the bag toward the center, holding firmly.  


Cut a good length of string (2' at least) and wrap string vertically and horizontally, tying and knotting as you go. Flip the pouch over and keep tying and knotting until you run out of string. One pouch should last a few hours on the fire. I've also made smaller "firepits" with a ceramic or fireproof dish, a bit of sand to line the bottom of dish and burn the pouch directly in dish. It's a great table top smoker, keep a few at your doorway with a lighter for easy access.

Cheers to many enjoyable summer nights!



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