Spring + Summer Garden Update.

Spring + Summer Garden Update.

AND just like that it's summer.

Since we have been home our little city outdoor space is bringing us a lot of joy.

It didn't start off that way though. Decade old garden beds had given up the ghost and collapsed last year. The irrigation system was in need of repairs; soil was tired and in need of nutrients. 

We used reclaimed lumber from Urban Miners, new irrigation piping, organic compost from Peels and Wheels and a few weekends. It's rustic and functional. Lumber scrap was used to create this dreamy potting bench/bar created by local craftsman This Wood Be Good. 



Let's talk pest control; because they out here, lol. There's been some sneaky attacks on the cabbage; kale and sunflowers (what's that about??). I proactively planted garlic between the greens, religiously used kaolin clay and diatomaceous earth with no success. The only formula that seems to be working is one part neem oil, one part dish soap, 6 parts water in 8 oz. spray bottle every couple of weeks.

If insects are making a snack out of you:); here's our DIY Insect Spray. It's easy to make in bulk and does the trick.

Natural Bug Repellent Spray

  • 30 Drops Neem

  • 30 Drops Citronella

  • 30 Drops Lavender

  • 1 tbsp. vodka or rubbing alcohol

  • 1/2 cup natural witch hazel

  • 1/2 cup water

Combine all ingredients in a glass container. Shake well before using. I like to use travel size 2 oz. spray bottles and keep them refilled (great for travel too). Use this spray directly on skin or clothing (fabric test before use).

Short on time? Visit our friends at South Shore Naturals; you can purchase their awesome Buzz Off Lotion Bar here, https://southshorenaturals.wixsite.com/main/lotion-bars.

Happy Summer Y'all.



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